We specialize in manufacturing and sales of various precision molds, custom-made round parts, precision connectors, consumables, and medical equipment molds.
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Dongguan MingJiang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on September 18, 2013.

The Company is a research and development, design, production, sales, service in one of the precision mold manufacturers.

Main precision plastic molds, metal molds, ultra-hard and automated molds, medical equipment and equipment, precision connector molds, treatment and other fields. Processing and sales of a variety of precision accessories, automation, fixture parts, non-standard parts, standard square round parts, pins, needles, barrels, set pieces, consumables electronic mechanical parts.

From simple shape parts processing to multi-step complex shape precision mold design and production, one to mass production, low-cost, short delivery as the goal, and strive to achieve customer demand.

Famous artisan precision technology has many years of technical experience of the core team, equipment system is perfect. Factory currently has Japan Mitsubishi / Shadik / Makino electric, western / Shadik wire cutting, milling machines, flat grinders, heartless grinders, outer diameter car grinders, CNC computer gongs and other series of precision processing equipment, testing equipment Marriott projector, 2.5 yuan detector, Nikon althometer, several thousand feet, hardness meter and other high-precision testing equipment.

Product accuracy: dimensional tolerance±0.001mm coaxiality: 0.002mm or less  True roundness: 0.0015mm

Coating treatment:hard plated, Non-Electrolyte nickel plating , galvanized, titanium nitride (TIN), TICN, blasting, anode, nitride treatment, DLC coating, QPQ, blackened surface treatment.

Material:Steel(VIKING、SKH51、ASP23、PD613、SKD11、NAK80、SKD61、STAVAX、SUJ2、ELAMX、HPM38, DC53、S45C、SKS3、 DH2F、XW-5、S-7、H13、XW-10、90MnCrv8、100-40、 ),z4018 steel, copper, copper, bronze, palladium copper), aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, POM, etc.

Mold heat treatment: vacuum heat treatment, high wave treatment, quality treatment

Managing Director: Wang Heng
Headquarter: Dongguan, China
Founded: 2013
Employees: 63~
Registered Fund: 1 million (RMB)